Raman Ramachandran
BASF South Asia

BASF Catalysts India Pvt. Ltd and Waterlife India are working together to bring safe drinking water to the local community in Singaperumalkoil, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with a new community drinking water plant. The plant, sponsored by BASF Catalysts India Pvt. Ltd, will provide safe, healthy and affordable drinking water to the residents of Singaperumalkoil. With a capacity of processing 24,000 litres of water per day, it will be functional 24×7 throughout the year.
Waterlife India will undertake operations and maintenance of the plant for a period of 10 years to ensure that the programme remains sustainable.“Water quality and accessibility have always been challenges in the country. To be able to address these challenges, effective partnership plays an important role. We are pleased to work with Waterlife India to improve access to affordable clean and safe water for the local community through the plant in Chennai, India,” said Raman Ramachandran, Head, BASF South Asia.

“Creating awareness and ensuring sustainable availability of potable water are the two guiding principles of this project. We will undertake community outreach programs to educate the residents on the benefits of clean water, sanitation and hygiene. We will highlight these benefits to school children as they are our future.” said Vaidyanathan B., Managing Director, BASF Catalysts India Pvt. Ltd.

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