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Given the challenges of building smart cities, a special purpose vehicle would be created for each city to be included in the Smart Cities scheme, Minister of Urban Development M. Venkaiah Naidu said. Speaking on the smart cities initiative at a conclave recently, the minister said efficient deployment of human and physical resources was one of the objectives of the scheme.

Naidu elaborated that the present deficit in physical, social, economic and institutional infrastructure would be bridged to make the cities more liveable and drive economic growth. He said this infrastructure deficit would be bridged by retrofitting of identified areas of a city and redevelopment of areas which are not amenable to retrofitting, to enable such areas conform to the norms of smart city.

In addition, pan-city schemes like efficient public transport systems including ring roads, e-governance initiatives etc. will also be undertaken under brownfield development.

“The objective of smart cities building is to enable such changes in a sustainable manner for long-term results. Smart solutions will be applied to places and projects to enable efficient utilisation of limited resources like land, water, power etc,” he said. “Building smart cities does not mean putting in place glossy skyscrapers. It is all about imparting a human face to urban development so that the aspirations of socioeconomic advancement are fulfilled through adequate employment and livelihood opportunities.”

Smart Cities and the New Urban Development Scheme for 500 cities would be launched in April.

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