The recent rout in the four state assembly elections has, undoubtedly, unnerved the main party in the ruling coalition. In order to take stock of the situation and take remedial measures (if possible), the party High Command called a meeting of main leaders of the party as well as allies. The meeting as expected was stormy.

“Don’t hurl eggs and tomatoes. Please give some respect to the seniors and leaders,” requested a veteran member. “We can’t afford to throw such costly items at you guys either,” retorted a member, indicating steep rise in prices of tomatoes and eggs.

“Where is the Vice President?” somebody asked after not seeing Rahul Gandhi around. “He must have gone to some remote place to introspect,” quipped another. “It is high time our Prime Minister starts introspecting too,” somebody taunted. “He has been introspecting the day he became the PM,” another chortled.

The debate started and many reasons were given for the drubbing at the hustings. “Rahul didn’t eat at a Dalit’s house this time,” one member expressed his reason for the party’s poor showing. “No Dalit invited him home as prices were so high that they couldn’t afford hospitality,” another said sarcastically. “Don’t be so sarcastic. Remember we got 3/4th majority in Mizoram,” said Diggy Raja. “That’s because Rahul didn’t go for campaigning there,” came the instant reply.

“We have to announce our PM candidate immediately just as BJP has done,” one member suggested. Somebody immediately suggested Sharad Pawar’s name. “I don’t mind taking up that responsibility. But they don’t even allow me to sit next to the PM, leave alone making me the PM candidate for the next elections,” said the disappointed Pawar.

“That candidate should be preferably from outside,” another added. “Then Sonia Madam is the best suited for the purpose,” came a reply from behind. “By outside I didn’t mean outside the country. I meant an apolitical person,” came the immediate clarification. “No, no. No more experimenting with apolitical people. We have done it once and facing the consequences now,” came a strong reply. For the first time members were united in their view.

Suddenly, the people assembled saw some movement in the Prime Minister who started opening his mouth. The entire hall became silent and everyone was anxiously waiting to hear from the PM’s mouth. But to the utter disappointment of the members, the PM just yawned and again reverted to his mute mode. And the high decibel conversations resumed among the members.

News spoofs appearing on PM Spoofs are works of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse these with real incidents. Any resemblance of spoofs to actual people, living or dead, or events, past, present or future, is purely coincidental.

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