Flipkart partners with Mahindra Logistics for e-vehicles

Flipkart partners with Mahindra Logistics for e-vehiclesFlipkart has partnered with Mahindra Logistics (MLL) as one of its key logistics partners to help fast-track deployment of electric vehicles across its logistics fleet in the country.

Flipkart has committed to 100 percent electric mobility in its logistics fleet and will deploy more than 25,000 electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030.

Mahindra Logistics will play a significant role in working with various OEMs and help Flipkart’s sustainable transition to EVs. With a shared commitment and vision towards sustainable business practices, Mahindra Logistics has already launched EDEL, its own electric delivery brand in  late  2020.

EDEL has partnered with companies in consumer and e-commerce to provide sustainable last-mile delivery across six cities in India.

MLL through EDEL will enable Flipkart in its journey towards building a green supply chain by not only deploying a large fleet of EVs but also creating a conducive environment for EV deployment and operations across the country.

This includes building supporting infrastructure and technology such as charging stations and parking lots, training workforce, route planning and even battery swapping stations in near future.

Another key focus area will be technology and control tower operations to enable greater  efficiency  and  cost competitiveness. Flipkart has already partnered with many OEMs and introduced two- and three-wheeled electric vehicles in its supply chain.

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