Goa notifies charging infra policy for electric vehiclesThe government of Goa has notified the Goa EV Concessional Charging Infrastructure Policy 2021, paving the way for EV charging stations across the state. It will also boost sales of electric vehicles.

As per the policy, the charging stations operators shall be allowed other sources to generate revenue, but with prior approval.

Revenue generated will be shared with the Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) on a 50:50 basis. Of the GEDA charges, 20 percent will be shared with the land-owning agency while the remaining 80 percent will go into the Goa Decarbonisation Fund.

In case of multiple applications for any particular location, GEDA will award the concessional location to the applicant offering maximum fixed monthly contribution to the fund during the allotment period.

The GEDA shall establish a single application process within 30 days from the date of the publication of the policy for submission of application. Till such time, the GEDA on receipt of the application will process the physical application along with all documents for necessary action

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