Infrastructure leaders Global Road Technology of Australia and Pearls Group of India recently announced their partnership called Pearls GRT that aims to transform India’s infrastructure in the road sector. In this context, GRT signed a $115-million contract with the Indian construction and energy company, Triace, for a period of three years.

The agreement will see Pearls GRT work with Triace to apply their certified range of road development and stabilisation across 7,000 km of roads in Maharashtra.

“The project with the Triace Group is due to start within the next month in Maharashtra. Global Road Technology and Pearls GRT provides innovative road stabilisation technology and dust suppression to the Triace Group which will create more economical roads, reduce construction times and is more environmentally friendly than conventional road building methods with less raw materials being used with our products using in-situ material,” Ben Skinner, Director, Global Road Technology told Projectmonitor.

Global Rod Technology_ProjectsMonitorThe products would be manufactured at GRT’s new facility in Pune. “We would employ local people in our manufacturing plant and contractors to apply the products into the roads of Maharashtra,” he said.

Skinner also said that Global Road Technology and Pearls GRT were currently in negotiations with some of the largest companies in India for soil stabilisation and dust suppression products. “Our environmental product range will be introduced to companies over the coming months with the aid of our partner Pearls Group. GRT hopes to solve stabilisation and dust issues in India and work closely with the environmental protection agency to develop cheaper, cleaner and greener solutions to India’s infrastructure needs,” he added.

The contract with Triace will enable GRT to provide communities across Maharashtra access to safer and more environmentally sustainable road networks. Just as importantly, this will be done economically and rapidly—with up to 6,000 sq. m of road being applied a day using the Pearls GRT products, as opposed to traditional methods that take up to a month to lay a kilometre of road. Pearls GRT polymers can be mixed with in-situ materials to create better multi-use road surfaces.

Pearls GRT is already working with major companies across the mining, oil and gas and government sectors.

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