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Gupta Energy whose 120 MW power plant has been closed since July 2013 due to volatile coal price impacting its cost of power generation is knocking at the door of PMO to bail out the company. According to Gupta Energy, circulating fluidised bed combustion (CFBC) clean technology adopted by the company is superior to conventional pulverised coal combustion technology and hence it deserves concessions from the government. Gupta Energy in its communication has demanded that the power producers using clean technology should be treated at par with the status of renewable energy power plants and given tariff at par with renewal energy like biomass.

Gupta Energy has set up 2 x 60 MW thermal power plant at Usegaon, District Chandrapur, Maharashtra. The plant uses CFBC technology which is considered to be a clean technology. CFBC technology was developed to burn low grade and waste coal and serve to clean up waste piles left over from mining activities. Gupta Energy, a subsidiary of Gupta Global Resources Ltd, uses washery rejects and coal as its fuel which are mixed in the ratio of 80:20. Gupta Energy has signed a Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA) with Gupta Coalfields and Washeries for supply of 168,000 tpa of raw coal and 1,200,000 tpa of coal washery rejects from its washery located adjacent to the power plant site. Gupta Energy has signed a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement with Tata Power Trading Company for sale of the entire power to be generated from the power plant.

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