Indira Offshore Container Terminal Project at Mumbai Port is seeing considerable delay which in turn has resulted in cost overshooting original estimation. The project was originally planned to be completed in December, 2010. However, till date only 50% of the work on the project is complete. In the mean time the cost of the project has gone up from 1,015 crore to Rs 1,220 crore.

The project involves construction of two full-fledged offshore container berths and container terminal. The container berths for handling containers would be located 800m off-shore of Indira Dock harbour Wall and would be connected to the shore by a single 1270 m long approach trestle, which would start from the junction of the Victoria & Princess Docks. In the first phase, facilities will be developed to handle vessels of 6,000 TEUs and above and quay length of not less than 700 m further 350 m

length as the traffic builds up and replace project facilities and services for offshore container terminal during the license period of 30 years. Indira Container Terminal Pvt Ltd is an SPV floated by the consortium of Gammon group and Noatum Ports Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal SLU (NPSL), Spain for the project to execute the project.

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