Hydropower Project Arunachal PradeshHydropower project developers in Arunachal Pradesh have apprised Central Electricity Authority about the infrastructural impediments in implementation of projects in the State. The developers have informed the CEA that infrastructural facilities like strengthening and widening of existing roads, conversion of single roads to double roads, construction of bridges and highways have been causing delay in implementation works of several projects and this may delay the projects as a whole.

Several projects in the region have been progressing at a slow pace due to infrastructural constraints. Reliance Energy’s 500 MW Emini, 400 MW Mithundon and 420 MW Amulin hydroelectric projects in the Dibang/Mathun basin are proceeding at a slow pace due to road and other infrastructure issues. Currently, the survey and investigation works on the projects are being carried out.

Delay due to infrastructure issues has also been reported by KVK Energy & Infrastructure for its 65 MW Par, 60 MW Dardu and 60 MW Toru hydroelectric projects in Dikrong basin and by Patel Engineering for its 38 MW Meyong hydroelectric project in the Kameng basin. The survey and investigation works for these projects have been completed and the further progress is slow due to the infra constraints.

Other projects affected include 700 MW Oju-I, 1000 MW Oju-II, 66 MW Khuitam, 67 MW Simang-I, 66 MW Simang-II, 96 MW Tidding-I, 68 MW Tidding-II, 70 MW Badao, 390 MW Emra-II and 45 MW Saskangrong hydroelectric power projects.

In a discussion with the Arunachal government, CEA put forward the issues raised by the developers. Responding to them, the Arunachal government stated that the infrastructure facilities, like roads strengthening, widening and construction of new roads and bridges, are being actively dealt by the State government along with the road transport and highways ministry.

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