MandechhuThe Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project Authority (MHPA) officials have furnished a request of Rs.885 crore for the year 2013-14 for execution of the 720 MW Magdechhu hydroelectric project in Bhutan. The project has been progressing at a fast pace and is expected to be commissioned by September 2017.

Mangdechhu project is a project under India-Bhutan cooperation. Indian government is funding 30 per cent of the total project cost as grant to Bhutan and the remaining 70 per cent as loan. The project envisages construction of four units of 180 MWeach.

All the civil contracts and hydro-mechanical contracts were awarded for the project in March 2012. The Mangdechhu project was approved at a cost of Rs. 3382.16 crore at March 2008 price level. The dam package was awarded at Rs. 596.99 crore, HRT package at Rs. 343.11 crore, power house package at Rs. 315.64 crore, hydro-mechanical package at Rs. 242-34 crore, E&M works at Rs. 593.80 crore and transmission package at Rs. 548.97 crore.

In a meeting with the Central Electricity Authority, the project officials apprised the authority the current status of the project. In the dam package, being executed by Jaiprakash Associates, the diversion tunnel is nearing completion and river diversion is planned for June 2013. In HRT package, being executed by Gammon India, out of five adits, two adits have been excavated and HRT excavation has started from these two adits. In the power house package, being executed by Jaiprakash Associates, main access tunnel has been completed and excavation of power house cavern has started. The excavation of surge shaft is expected to start soon. Work on other fronts such as adits and tail race tunnels are in progress.

In hydro-mechanical package, being executed by PES Engineers, erection of first and second stage embedment parts of diversion tunnel gates is under progress.

In view of the progress made at the site, the project officials requested CEA to analyze the financial requirement at the earliest. This will enable smooth functioning of the works at the project site, the project authorities stated.

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