Kulda OCP commissioning may be further delayed

Kulda OCP commissioning may be further delayedRecent accident at Kulda open cast mining project which has killed 14 people may further delay the commissioning of the project. Kulda mine is located in the Sundargarh district of Odisha.

Kulda OCP, developed by Mahanadi Coalfields, was scheduled for commissioning in March 2014. As per the earlier plans, the project was scheduled for commissioning in March 2012. According to Mahanadi Coalfields’ officials postponement of commissioning is due to coal evacuation problem caused by the delay in constructing Jharsuguda-Barpali Railway line by South Eastern Railway.

Also Kulda OCP has faced delay due to problems on rehabilitation and resettlement front. While the scheduled completion for R&R was March 2012, R&R of Balinga and Bankibahal village has not yet been completed and is expected to be complete only in March 2014. According to Mahanadi Coalfields officials the company has approved 222 employments and 21 cash compensation as part of the rehabilitation and resettlement arrangement. 390 Project affected families (PAF) have been identified as eligible for resettlement of which 72 PAFs are allotted plots and 248 were given cash compensation.

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