Dry Cells & Storage Batteries

Dry Cells & Storage BatteriesMallawa Ventures is proposing to establish a hydrogen fuel cell bus factory near Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The company will set up a bus manufacturing factory and a hydrogen plant near Chennai.

The proposed factory is expected to have a capacity of about 100 units a month. The company has planned a cumulative investment of around Rs 8,000 crore over the next eight years.

It is in the process of identifying a site for the proposed factory near Chennai and plans to come out with its first pilot product in nine to 12 months.

Mallawa Ventures has forged a partnership with a Texas-based company to set up a hydrogen plant to meet the fuel requirements of its buses.

The project is expected to be ready in 18-24 months with a capacity of 60 tonne. This unit is expected to entail an investment of Rs 300-400 crore.

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