The Potain MCT 205.
Raman Joshi
Manitowoc Cranes India
Manitowoc Company, Inc., a multi-industry capital goods manufacturer, will introduce two new topless tower cranes from its Potain brand, at bC India, the international trade show on construction equipment to be held in Noida later this month. The company said live demonstrations of each crane would be available on request at the company’s outdoor booth at the trade show.The two new Potain tower cranes, MCT 205 & MCT 85, are topless models, which include the latest design for better on-site placement, allowing contractors to situate more cranes on projects, to speed construction. Raman Joshi, Managing Director, Manitowoc Cranes India, said that the new cranes would be a major highlight at bC India.

“The new topless Potain cranes are easy to erect, highly efficient and very reliable, the three major requirements of crane users across the country,” Joshi said. “The two new Potain tower cranes, together with other displays on our booth, will show visitors at bC India how we are true leaders in lifting.”

MCT 205
The MCT 205 tower crane has a 10-tonne maximum capacity and can lift 1.75 tonnes at its maximum jib end of 65 m. With a focus on fast erection, the complete upperworks for the MCT 205 can be assembled in four lifts. The heaviest group of components is just 7.9 tonnes and the full 65 m jib can be placed in a single lift. Attention has been paid to transportation too, with three jib sections able to fit inside a standard container.

MCT 85
The second model in the Potain line-up of new topless cranes is the MCT 85. Smaller than the MCT 205, it has a 5-tonne maximum capacity and an ability to lift 1.1 tonnes at its jib end of 52 m. This practical unit is efficiently easy to transport, needing just two trucks for the entire top portion of the crane.

Again, on-site assembly is simplified thanks to the pre-assembly work done at the Potain factory in Pune before the crane is delivered to the customer. For example, the counterjib and towerhead are assembled as a single component and can be lifted as such.

Connecting the jib is quick and easy, facilitated through the use of pin-connectors. This means the entire upperworks of the MCT 85 is connected in just two sections.

Like the MCT 205, the MCT 85 can be operated as an internal climbing crane, sitting inside the building it is constructing. Mounted on 1.2 m mast sections, the crane offers a maximum free-standing height of 33.2 m when operating internally.

Manitowoc Company, Inc. has nearly 100 manufacturing, distribution, service, and/or office facilities in 26 countries. It is one of the world’s largest providers of lifting equipment for the global construction industry, including lattice-boom cranes, tower cranes, mobile telescopic cranes and boom trucks. Manitowoc is also one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of commercial foodservice equipment serving the ice, beverage, refrigeration, food prep, and cooking needs of restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, healthcare, and institutional applications.

‘We look forward to some prospective developments’

In an election year there is always uncertainty. Now that uncertainty is over and we can look ahead to some prospective developments that we hope will have a positive effect on our industry. With Mr. Modi’s strong background in economic development, infrastructure, and creating a business-friendly atmosphere, we hope he will be able to drive through the necessary changes to push the Indian economy to the next level.
Raman Joshi, MD, Manitowoc Cranes India

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