According to a survey conducted by Readers Digest, Mumbai stood second in the world in terms of honesty where the average Mumbaikar returned nine out of 12 wallets he or she found lying on the road, each carrying Rs.3,000 in cash. On the other hand, in London, seven of the 12 wallets were pocketed by the finders. Brits say London couldn’t make it to the top because of swelling inflow of migrants. And Mumbai is in second spot due to the same reason? Maybe, people too are scared to touch unidentified objects due to bomb threats?

But it doesn’t mean that your wallets will be safe in your pockets in Mumbai. If you want to try, travel in local trains during peak hours.

Lisbon was the most dishonest city with one wallet returned and that too by a couple on a holiday from the Netherlands. It seems Portugal has not yet recovered from Euro Zone meltdown.

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