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Pragati Power_ProjectsMonitorNatural gas shortage in the country continues to have its adverse impact on many sectors and the thermal power sector is one of the badly hit among them. For example, according to data available the country suffered a loss of 2,440.50 million units (MU) of power generation in the month of September 2013 across various gas based power plants in the country due to shortage of natural gas.

Natural gas shortage has impacted the independent power plants (IPP) the most who suffered generation losses to the tune of 2,037.56 MU during September. It is worth noting that out of 32.81 mmscmd allocated to 23 private IPPs in the country, only 5.19 mmscmd was supplied to their power plants.

State sector power plants too suffered loss in power generation due to shortage of natural gas in the country. According to data available, state owned power generators reported a generation loss of approximately 326.655 MU in September. 20 state owned power generating companies were supplied 10.98 mmscmd of gas against the allocation of 22.49 mmscmd. In case of central sector gas-based power plants, 10.83 mmscmd of gas was supplied against the allotted 31.51 mmscmd.

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