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Naying Hydro Electric Power project has received Central Electricity Authority’s (CEA) concurrence. DSC Hydro Power is the concessionaire of the project who will implement the project on BOT basis.

Siyom River_Naying Hydro Electric Power project_ProjectsMonitor Naying HEP is expected to cost Rs. 9301.10 crore of which foreign exchange component will be just 7%. However, recent rupee depreciation will have its impact on the overall project cost as this cost has been estimated when foreign exchange rate was Rs. 51.80/USD. Of the total cost, Rs. 5482.68 crores will be spent on civil works, Rs.1651.09 crores for E&M works and another Rs.38.10 crore for miscellaneous works. January 1st 2015 has been stipulated as zero date for the project and unit 1 of the project will be completed within 69 months from that date. The rest of the units will have to be progressively commissioned by the 72nd month.

The Naying hydro electric power project envisages setting up of 1,000 MW (4 x 250 MW) on the Siyom River in West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh on BOT basis.

The project would be implemented through a special purpose vehicle, Naying DSC Power Limited, that would have 89 per cent equity participation by DSC Hydro Power and 11 per cent by Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

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