There are as many as 11 thermal power generating units with total generation capacity of 4730 MW and involving an investment of Rs 24,000 crore which operate at half of their capacity mainly due to non-availability of coal. It may be recalled here that during the last 16 months, 59 new power generating units were commissioned in the country but fuel supply problem, railway infrastructure problem and transmission constraints have kept many of them idle or have forced them to operate below their installed capacity.

New power generating units face outageThough the Power Ministry claims to have been in constant touch with the Coal Ministry, there is nothing much change in the situation on the ground. Thus, a country which is facing acute peak hour shortage is letting the precious installed capacity remain idle.

Station Unit No. Capacity (MW) Cumulative PLF % Reason of outage
INDIRA GANDHI STPP 3 500 47.20 Reserve shut down *
MAHATMA GANDHI TPS 2 660 29.56 Reserve shut down
KAWAI TPS 1 660 35.36 Reserve shut down
BINA TPS 1 250 29.39 Reserve shut down
BINA TPS 2 250 19.00 Reserve shut down
MAHAN TPP 1 600 1.93 Coal Problem as there is no tapering Linkage
MAUDA TPS 1 500 1.04 Railway infrastructure problem
TIRORA TPS 2 660 21.18 Reserve shut down
THAMMINAPATNAM TPS 1 150 49.67 Transmission Constraints
THAMMINAPATNAM TPS 2 150 40.23 Transmission Constraints
KAMALANGA TPS 1 350 16.88
* Reserve shut down: Non-utilisation of available units due to their complete shutdown for want of load.

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