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NHDC Ltd, a joint venture of NHPC Ltd and the Government of Madhya Pradesh, has been unable to finalise a contractor to repair the damaged Energy Dissipation system of Indira Sagar Power Station (ISPS) as the price quoted by all bidders are much higher than the estimated cost of the work. NHDC, formerly known as Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corporation Ltd, had recently invited bidders for the repair work. While the NHDC Board had approved a tentative financial investment of Rs. 33 crore for restoration of damaged roller bucket which had been extensively damaged during 2013 monsoon, the quote by the lowest bidder is Rs. 43.47 crore.

As the price mentioned by the bidders are much higher than the company’s estimation (even after negotiation with the L-1 bidder), the Techno Economic Committee (TEC) had recommended NHDC to take up the matter with the Sub-Committee of Directors for appropriate decision. The Sub Committee opined that the price quoted by the L-1 bidder cannot be justified and hence recommended not to award the work. With monsoon just two months away and the repair works need to be completed before the start of the monsoon season to ensure dam safety, NHDC may now go for outsourcing the work through a short tender process with turn around time of a few days as a temporary measure.

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