A Melbourne-based NRI who took Air India’s maiden nonstop India-Australia first flight to Delhi on the Dreamliner last week has accused the airline’s cabin crew of being rude; indulging in “racial discrimination by giving better service to foreigners; bad food and poor comfort and ambience.”

Poor passenger must be a first timer on Air India, otherwise how can he expect politeness from the over-experienced cabin crew? Actually, Air India says, over the years complaints from travellers about poor service etc., has gone down drastically. It is altogether a different matter that no one in Air India addresses any complaints and because of that complaints have gone down.

According to Air India, foreigners get better service than Indian passengers because dollar value is appreciating day by day and the country is in need of more dollars. So they know the nation’s priorities very well. After all, we Indians believe in Atithi Devo Bhava!

And you complain about poor quality food? Remember, Food Security Bill ensures only quantity of food and not its quality!

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