Jharkhand Road

Jharkhand RoadThe Road Construction Department of Jharkhand is expecting to complete all the four packages of the 311-km Gobindpur-Sahebanj double lane state road project by September.The department had awarded the contracts for these packages in September 2010 under phase-I. The size of each package ranges between 50 km and 98 km. Though the project is for the improvements of a two lane standard, the land acquisition undertaken by the government is as per the four-lane expansion criteria, taking into account for future expansion needs.

Package 1 involves road upgradation from Gobindpur to Jamrata (km0.00-80.77) comprising 81 km. Of the total project road length under this package, almost 70 per cent of the land is of agricultural land, 20 per cent of forest land and 10 per cent of barren land.

The project scope includes upgradation of the existing road single lane to two lane, rehabilitation of two major bridges, 13 minor bridges and one road over-bridge, bypass pavement, drainage, etc.

The contract for package 1 is being executed by SEL-GKC joint venture. Package 1 has been divided into two sections to complete the project in timely manner—section 1 (km.0-40) and section 2 (km.40-80)

Though the work commenced immediately after the signing of contract, due to local problem at the project section, the work was stalled in 2011 (April 2011-September 2011), which in turn also escalated the project cost to Rs.252 crore from the original of Rs.230 crore. Now nearly more than 80 per cent of work is complete and the department is expecting to complete the project in September.

An official from the Roads Construction Department stated that about 70 per cent of the land, under package 2 also traverses through agricultural lands. The contract under package 2 starting from Jamtara to Dumka comprising 82 km and 6.35km Dumka Bypass has been awarded to Ramky Infrastructures Ltd at a contract value of Rs.195 crore.

The company was also awarded the last package, package 4 contract which includes construction of road from Barhet to Sahibganj (km251-301) comprising 49.6 km at a contract value of Rs.128 crore.

The department has awarded the package 3 contract from Dumka to Barhet (km153-km 251) to GVR-RMN joint venture at a contract value of Rs.246 crore. The proposed improvement work includes widening of existing road sections to two-lane carriageway configuration with provisions of road side furniture and cross drainage work. The new highway will have a carriageway width of 7m with a formation width of 12m.

About 80 per cent of the project area under package 3 & 4 are covered under dense forest & mountainous terrain.

The department has seen an overall progress under all the four packages, though main civil works under package 2, 3 & 4 are lagging behind.

Background: The state with the Centre’s help has sought financial assistance from the Asian Development Bank for the Jharkhand State Road Project, which comprises of rehabilitation and upgradation of 311 km of existing single/ intermediate lane to double lane roads from Gobindpur via Jamtara, Dumka and Barhet to Sahebganj.

The Government has also sought support in improving project management and enhancing road sector development capacity of the state. JSRP, the executing agency, is project implementation cell (ADB Project), RCD.

SMEC International Pty. Ltd, an Australian Engineering Consultancy, in association with SMEC India Pvt. Ltd and RODIC Consultants Pvt. Ltd has been awarded the consultancy services for construction supervision for all the four packages. The contract with SMEC (International) Pty. Ltd. in association with SMEC India Pvt. Ltd. and RODIC Consultants Pvt. Ltd. was signed in February 2010.

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