Hutong-II HEP_Dibang_ProjectsMonitor

Uri Hep_Dibang_ProjectsMonitorThe power ministry has indicated a need for action involving a greater commitment from the State governments of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh for implementation of 2000 MW Lower Subansiri and 3000 MW Dibang hydroelectric projects.

In its meeting held in February this year, the Task Force on Hydro Project development, had decided that while promoting inclusive development it should also be ensured that projects are not stopped midway due to actions of a few interested groups. It had further stated that local administration should take all steps to maintain law and order in project locations.

Following this decision by the Task Force, the power ministry advised all the stakeholders to comply with the recommendations. In a recent update to the Task Force, the ministry stated that the Lower Subansiri, 240 MW Uri-II and Dibang HEPs are major projects that have suffered on this account.

Works on Subansiri project have been stopped by the locals since December 2011; there are intermittent stoppage of works at Uri-II and interruptions in holding Public Hearing meeting in respect to Dibang project.

The ministry has informed the task force that further action is required from the State governments. The Assam and Arunachal Pradesh governments should take lead action in resolving works held up for two years in Subansiri project. The ministry stated that the project costs have already gone up due to delays and the project can become unviable if the situation is left unresolved any more. The Task Force is scheduled to meet again this month.

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