test tower Rottweil 1 (c) ThyssenKrupp

On November 5, 2015, only one year after announcing the concept of its MULTI elevator technology, ThyssenKrupp unveiled a fullyfunctional 1:3 scale model at its Innovation Center in Gijón, Spain.

The MULTI system uses linear motors instead of ropes, enabling horizontal movement and transforming conventional elevator transportation into vertical metro systems. MULTI elevator technology increases transport capacities and efficiency while reducing the elevator footprint and peak loads from the power supply in buildings.

With no cables at all and multiple cabins per shaft, MULTI will transform how people move inside buildings. This latest ThyssenKrupp innovation follows the recently introduced ACCEL system, which also applies the same linear motor technology and is transforming mobility between short distances in cities and airports.

In a manner similar to a metro system operation, the MULTI design can incorporate various self-propelled elevator cabins per shaft running in a loop, increasing the shaft transport capacity by up to 50 per cent and making it possible to reduce the elevator footprint in buildings by half. With MULTI it will also be possible for the first time to move horizontally in a building.

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