Ultratech-ZipUltraTech Cement has launched UltraTech Concrete Zip—a unique concrete solution for small concreting jobs.

It is a multipurpose premixed concrete available in buckets, manufactured from high-quality cement, specially selected and graded sand coarse aggregate, best-in-class high performance additives and measured quality of clean potable water. It can be specially designed as per customer’s requirement in terms of quality, strength, workability and specific value-added properties required for the job. The USP of Zip is that it can be delivered in small quantities and in congested areas, where it is difficult to transport concrete through transit mixers, a company release said.

Zip is packed in compact plastic buckets of 15 litres each. Depending on the required volume, multiple buckets can be ordered. UltraTech Zip can be transported even in small vehicles to the desired destination. This becomes a convenient and cost-effective solution for our customers looking at small jobs for concreting.

Zip is ideal for small concreting jobs and repair work, and ensures minimum wastage of concrete and raw materials. Value added concretes can also be supplied as per customer’s requirement. The assured quality of concrete is guaranteed due to scientifically designed mix and use of raw materials after testing as per BIS norms. Zip also provides freedom from hassles of concrete mixing on site, the release noted.

The major application avenues include column starters, minor concrete repairs, bedding in drains, manhole covers, greenhouse bases, foundations for paving slabs, small pathways and steps, concreting of sunken slabs, and road repairs, the release added.

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