GE India Industrial Pvt Ltd, Chakan, Pune built by Tata BlueScope Building Solutions
Rohit RanjanGeneral Manager—MarketingTata BlueScope Building Solutions
Rohit Ranjan
General Manager—Marketing
Tata BlueScope Building Solutions

—Rohit Ranjan, General Manager—Marketing, Tata BlueScope Building Solutions

Orient us with the capabilities of the Building Solution (BS) division of Tata BlueScope Steel.

Tata BlueScope Building Solutions currently offers design, manufacture and erection of engineered steel building solutions under the premium world-class BUTLER® Building Systems, and contemporary ECOBUILD™ Building Systems brands.

We bring the desired focus to delivering best in class metal building solutions. The ‘FM Approved’ MR-24® Standing Seam Roof System, has a one-of-a-kind 360 degree Pittsburg Double Lock Seam. Its unique clip arrangement potentially makes it the only truly fully floating roof system available today; an essential feature for leakage prevention.

Effective steel building solutions go a long way in helping building owners realise their business goals. This is why our solutions are carefully designed to meet the unique requirements of customers. Our systems and processes facilitate on-time delivery. Our leak-proof roof systems protect customer investments, and our safety techniques assure peace of mind.

What have been the current trends in the PEB market? Which industrial segments would you consider as your growth drivers?

The construction market in India is estimated at around Rs.250,000 crore. In comparison, the PEB market is estimated at just a little over Rs.5,000 crore. This is a reflection of the relatively low level of PEB penetration in construction.

Over the last few years, PEB has found favour in industrial and warehousing applications. The growth here is in the range of 10-15 per cent per annum, and is expected to increase going forward. PEB use for infrastructure and other commercial applications is growing, but remains limited in residential and real estate applications.

What resistance is PEB adoption facing today?

Adoption of PEB, instead of RCC or conventional steel structures, requires a paradigm shift. This shift has been happening over the last few years, and is steadily accelerating now. As compared to conventional building approaches, PEBs can be completed in a shorter period of time. They cost less over the life of the building, and are more environment-friendly.

As more and more people realise these benefits, their acceptance is steadily gathering momentum. Skill sets are improving across the value chain, experimentation is being replaced by experience, and technology is being embraced at all stages of PEB execution.

Discuss in brief how pre-engineering building technology is incorporating “green” measures.

Use of insulation, double skins, high reflectivity paints; and a host of other design elements, make steel buildings suitable for almost all applications. Skylights, louvers, vents, etc. reduce spend on artificial lighting, ventilation and environment control. There is no mixing or preparation required at site, hence limited disturbance to local flora. This makes steel buildings ‘greener’ as well.

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