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The US transformer protection specialist company Sentry Depressurization Systems has entered the Indian market with its Sentry FDS technology to safeguard the transformers manufactured for power plants and energy sector. FDS is recommended by the US-based National Fire Protection Association as a method of fire protection for transformers. The US company has forayed through a network of regional distributors, to cover India’s key markets.

With India’s power utility corporations considering using FDS as standard equipment in the units that they procure as well as a retrofit on currently installed units, Sentry is in advanced stages of negotiations with major Indian transformer companies to install the Sentry FDS as OEM on their units. The company has also received major orders from some companies and has entered into strategic distributor/ VAR/ System Integrator arrangement with reputed companies.

Jeffrey Berkowitz, Chairman, Sentry Depressurization Systems, said, “Sentry is committed to creating a safer industry for countless generations to come and unlike other safety systems the Sentry FDS is a proactive solution uniquely designed to help prevent transformer fires.”

M.R.S. Rao, Manager, Asia Pacific, Sentry Depressurization Systems Inc., reiterated, “Heralding a new era in transformer safety, Sentry FDS is a revolutionary technology, which helps in preventing fire accidents in the power industry. We are very positive about our entry into the Indian market and believe that we have solutions which will positively impact the Indian ecosystem.”

Bill Kendrick, President, Sentry Depressurization Systems Inc., explains, “The Sentry FDS technology is not invasive to the transformer and is completely external. Existing transformers are easily retrofitted without tank machining by using the existing tank opening and unlike other systems no holding tanks or nitrogen injection systems are required. The system is easily installed and serviced with minimal down time.”

Sentry has also plans to set up a facility in Bengaluru in Karnataka as its technology has emerged as the solution of choice protecting trillions of dollars in investments and collaterals in highly sensitive oil & gas fields.

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