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Tarun Shienh_Green Architecture_ProjectsMonitorTarun Shienh, Managing Director, Premia Projects Ltd, talks about the exponential growth of green architecture and how new eco trends in construction are helping to reduce pollution, conserve natural resources and prevent environmental degradation.

Green architecture or sustainable architecture, which is also known as green building concept, is becoming the need of the hour. It is practiced by all big developers today with latest eco trends and technologies. It is a science or a style in which the buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the concept of environmentally friendly principles, which will become more mature in future.

Keeping in mind that the construction of any building can be the biggest source of pollution, the concept of Green Architecture was introduced for environmental, social and economic benefits. Environmentally, green architecture helps in reducing pollution, conserve natural resources and prevent environmental degradation. Economically also it is beneficial as the investment required by building’s operators for the use of water and energy is less than it used to be and on the same hand it improves the productivity of those using the facility.

Green architecture is growing exponentially. With increasing awareness among buyers, these days developers are trying to build their projects with green architecture concept. Technologies like solar PV systems are installed on the rooftops of buildings that reduce electricity bills, shed the pressure of increasing electricity prices from the buyers mind, and help him focus more on the important things in life. Solar energy is not only considered an alternative source of energy for the environmental betterment of our future, but is eco-friendly and is considered as socially responsible investment for future generations.

Apart from keeping the interest of the buyer in mind, the concept of green building is promoted by government officials, civil engineers and contractors as this science not only focuses on energy efficiency in some cases, but also promotes the use of renewable energy. For building a sustainable building a contractor should implement smart energy strategies like works commissioning, taking care of efficient design and construction, use of efficient appliances, systems and lighting etc.

The efficient use of water is another important point that needs to be taken care of, as buildings are considered the main consumers of potable water supply. Normally, we see huge wastage of water during any building development, so recycled water should be used to save the environment. Water reduction can also be achieved through more efficient utilisation, fixtures and fittings inside as well as water-conscious landscaping outside the building.

The use of environmentally preferable building materials and specifications can save a lot of wastage and pollution. The waste and toxic chemicals generated while constructing a building can be reduced by reuse, reduce and recycling of the building material.

The architecture of the interior of the building should be planned in such a way that the air quality of the indoor building has to be considered with good design and usage of alternative technologies since 90 per cent of time of the user is spent indoor. The other thing that needs to be considered is that the interior should have natural daylight, which would help reduce usage of energy. Energy efficient ACs should be installed. Every house or building should have space for greenery.

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