Project Tendering in India

In the fiscal year 2024, there was a significant uptick in project tendering activities, with the announcement of 1,33,025 tenders, collectively amounting to Rs 17,78,184.91 crore. This marked a substantial 30.83 percent increase compared to the previous year’s project tendering statistics. Continuing the tradition, the public sector entities, both central and state, dominated the tendering landscape, with the private sector contributing only a mere 0.29 percent to the total.

Within the public sector, state government agencies led the charge, accounting for around two-thirds of the total tender value. They issued a staggering 1,11,508 tenders worth Rs 11,93,216.48 crore. Central government agencies also played a significant role, issuing 20,249 tenders worth Rs 5,79,748 crore, making up 32.6 percent of the total tender values.

Infrastructure projects, especially in services and utilities like Roadways, Railways, Airports, and Water supply and treatment, continued to dominate the tendering scene. The infrastructure segment saw issuance of 1,22,269 project tenders worth Rs 16,10,805.45 crore, comprising 90.59 percent of the total tendering activities. Notably, Roadway projects witnessed substantial growth both in terms of number and value, reflecting the country’s infrastructure development momentum.

In the Roadways sector, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation issued tenders for various significant projects, including the Pune Ring Road and the Multi-Modal Corridor, among others, totalling Rs 65,961.42 crore. Key agencies like the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) were prominent issuers of road-building tenders.

In the Water supply sector, there was a healthy increase in both the number and value of tenders, with a total of 13,979 tenders worth Rs 2,26,707 crore advertised. Mega tenders worth Rs 1,000 crore or more were not uncommon, with projects focusing on improving water supply infrastructure in various states.

Similarly, the Community services sector, encompassing educational institutions and other public amenities, witnessed a substantial increase in tendering activities, with a total of 32,358 tenders worth Rs 1,93,159 crore floated in FY2024. These included transformative projects like the modernisation of government polytechnic colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Indian Railways and its subsidiaries were also active, issuing 6,198 tenders worth Rs 1,74,695 crore, indicating ongoing investments in rail infrastructure. Other sectors like Irrigation, Power distribution, Shipping infrastructure, Electricity, and Mining also saw significant tendering activities, albeit with varying trends in terms of growth and value.

Despite challenges, the tendering landscape in FY2024 reflected a robust commitment to infrastructure development across various sectors, driven primarily by Public sector investments.

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