Atul KhannaGeneral ManagerThermal Insulation Division - The Supreme Industries Ltd.
Atul Khanna
General Manager
Thermal Insulation Division – The Supreme Industries Ltd.

Founded in 1942, Supreme Industries Ltd. pioneered path-breaking plastics products by offering advanced solutions for various industries. Atul Khanna, General Manager, Thermal Insulation Division – The Supreme Industries Ltd. shares his views about the thermal insulation products offered by Supreme.

At Supreme, we have been innovating with the sole purpose of providing cost effective solutions. We follow the philosophy of S.A.V.E. – Supreme Always Value Efficient. Every requirement is understood meticulously to select appropriate solutions and implement them flawlessly. Whatever be the value our customers are assured of the best solution from Supreme. Research and development forms an integral element of our solutions to develop breakthrough insulation products focused on energy efficiency. Changing trends, shifting demands and new technologies drive our development of advanced solutions.
High crude oil prices underline the increasing need to curb consumption of energy, which happens to be a major component of industry and commercial building operations. The building sector accounts for approx 30-35% of the total energy consumption in the country. According to estimates this sector alone can reduce energy consumption by at least 40% by choosing proper energy efficient equipments and thermal insulation. The resultant savings in energy cost directly benefit building owners and occupants over the life cycle of the building. “As they say, energy saved is energy generated.” With an eye on potential energy savings the Government has provided an energy conservation impetus through the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) under Ministry of Power. Thus, BEE has issued guidelines in the form of Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) proposed for a voluntary adoption at the present stage.
Energy conservation efforts have long been taken by The Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) – A society of like-minded engineers for promotion of the art & science of HVAC & R. The cause of energy savings has also been espoused by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) formed in the year 2001 to set up The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) India committee to rate buildings on environmental criteria. Another system endorsed by the Government and promoted by The Energy Resource Institute (TERI) is the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA). All these organizations and systems endorse the “Energy Savings Abhiyan”, which is essential for the industry and the nation as whole.

“Energy is the single largest operating expense and accounts for over $100 billion in expenses for commercial buildings each year. With a view to improve efficiency and enable conservation of energy, The Thermal Insulation Division of Supreme provides top-of-the-line insulation solutions with its ‘INSU’ range of products. Backed by the understanding of changing trends, new-age requirements, and state-of-the-art technology, our thermal insulation division develops customized insulation solutions for various industries. It offers new generation alternative products to replace conventional materials including glass, rubber, metals, wood etc. for cost effectiveness. Our insulation products are manufactured from virgin raw material without using any CFC / HCFC gases. At every stage of the manufacturing process, a stringent quality check assures world-class quality of our products. We also offer specialty products compliant with national & international standards like BIS, ASTM, RöHS, UL94, FMVSS etc.”

In our endeavor to provide world-class materials we now offer INSUshield – Class ‘O‘ fire rated material in closed cell, chemically crosslinked polyethylene. This shall go a long way in promoting the “Green” concept and the energy conservation promoted by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and USAID.

Our insulation products offer solutions in the following areas:
-Ducting Insulation in Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Airports, PEBs, IT/ BPO etc.
-Pipe Insulation for Split AC Tubings, Chiller Piping, Drain Pipes, Chilled Water Lines etc.
-Floor Insulation in Server Rooms, Data Centres, Medical & Diagnostic Centres, and Control Rooms for Petrochemicals.
-Underdeck Insulation in PEBs, textile Units, Malls, Airports etc.
-Overdeck and Wall Insulation in Commercial Buildings, Residential Buildings, Cold Storages etc.

INSUshield’ is a non-fibrous, fire retardant (‘Class O’ in Fire Propagation and ‘Class 1’ in Surface Spread of Flame), closed cell, tri dimensional chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam. An ideal environment friendly insulation material, with a perfect solution for all your insulation needs for ducts, roofs, pipes, vessels, etc.
INSUreflector’ is a radiant heat reflective insulation material made of polyethylene air bubble film (ABF) laminated with aluminum foil on one or both sides. The bright surface of the aluminium foil reflects 96% to 99% infra-red radiation received by the surface of a heated slate roof.

The 4 primary reasons why Supreme’s thermal insulation is preferred by discerning customers is:
Quality: A stringent approach to quality ensures all our products are durable. We adhere to international quality standards of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certifications and NABL accreditation for our various plants.
Expertise: With intensive R&D you are assured of a high level of expertise.
Network: Our products are backed by an extensive pan India network. Timely deliveries and prompt service is imbibed in our culture.
Environment consciousness: Our responsibility towards the environment goes beyond mere promises, with an emphasis on ensuring all our processes, systems, and products are eco-friendly.

For further information please call Mr. Atul Khanna – +91-9810529116 or mail us on

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