Sanjay Bahadur
CEO - Construction Chemical
Sanjay Bahadur CEO – Construction Chemical Pidilite

Mr. Sanjay Bahadur – Global CEO, Construction Chemicals, Pidilite Industries talks about the key roles played by construction chemicals in various projects and their constant endeavour towards producing eco-friendly products to Renu Rajaram

Elaborate on the key role played by construction chemicals in different kinds of projects? What is the demand for eco-friendly construction chemicals?
Many key roles are played by construction chemicals in different kinds of projects. Specified construction chemicals help in enhancing the quality of the construction. It also improves the construction method leading to improvement in the process and durability of the structure.

Most of our products are water based products and hence, eco-friendly in nature.

With ongoing focus on green buildings and green products; how will the new product range be compatible with national imperatives on energy conservation and eco-friendliness?
There are two parameters with reference to green buildings. Firstly, materials being used should be green/environmental friendly. Many Construction Chemical Companies have taken a step towards this through their range of Water based coatings.

Secondly, building can be made green by using materials that lead to lower consumption of electricity and therefore eventually leading to an important contribution to green buildings. Building can use heat insulation coatings on the roofs or the walls. These coatings provide a cooling effect and acts as an insulator, resulting in the reduction of air conditioning loads. This naturally has an impact on the energy conservation and eco-friendliness. This trend has just begun in India and has a great potential.

Please tell us about market distribution channel and network to promote construction chemical business in the country.
The availability of the products is across the town for easy accessibility to the consumers. We are structured in a manner that we can promote the construction chemical business in the entire country.

Do you think that there are too many players in construction chemicals in the market, largely served by small units and there is need for consolidation for the healthy growth of construction chemical sector in the country or market forces would eventually take care of mushroom growth of small units operating in the market?
There are very few serious players in the market with regard to green construction. The small units mushrooming up are not a threat. The customers look for trust and quality assurance as the cost of Construction Chemical as percentage of construction cost is low but impact on performance is high.

Any new products in the pipeline?
We constantly keep innovating and upgrading our current product offerings to suit our consumers’ need. The two new products that are in the pipeline are our premium and comprehensive range, specially devised for new construction bathroom, called the Bath Seal Kit and the Roof Seal.

What is your outlook on the demand for construction chemicals and green construction chemicals over the years in India? How do you view the future of this sector?

We believe there is a lot of underlying potential that needs to be explored and scope of growth is large.

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