Mr Amit Ramani2019 has proven to be an extremely effective year for coworking. With adequate infrastructure & evolving business requirement, coworking sector has not only disrupted the startup ecosystem but also the CRE sector at large. Coworking space providers have moved beyond the conventional assets domain and have now entered malls and hotels thereby aggregating unused spaces. Coworking players now have taken a step ahead in order to enhance customer experience and providing amenities beyond the standard ones. Numerous players emerged in the segment, allowing the consumers to choose from a wide range of options offering distinct amenities and facilities at affordable price points.

Flexible workspace revolution has begun and the year 2020 will definitely prove to be a game-changer for the commercial real estate sector. Key trends expected to drive the sector growth include evolving business models, increasing investor activity and deeper geographical expansion with increased efficiency across existing markets. Technology enabled service will be at the forefront of flexispaces with AI & IoT taking centre stage. Autonomous workspaces will no more be a thing of the future. Tailor made solutions will be at the heart of coworking spaces with increasing need for customization across SMEs and multinationals. With the industry expected to grow three times by 2021, the sector poses immense potential for growth in the coming years.

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