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The project cost index as measured by composite ERIL Index of Cost of Project Inputs worked out to 2.5 per cent higher during the fiscal 2013 (point-over-point), less than a half of 6.3 per cent during FY12 and 6.8 per cent in FY11. The dwindling project cost escalation mirrors sluggish project execution in the country when viewed along with dropping capital goods production and machinery import. The overall project cost climb was also much lower than 4.1 per cent in WPI of manufactured products that technically sets the pace for project investment. Computed by Economic Research India Pvt. Ltd, the ERIL Index measures the overall project cost escalation in terms of WPI of material inputs relevant in project construction. The consolidated wholesale price index for non-metallic mineral products rose by 1.8 per cent during March due to price rise of 19 per cent in marbles, 3 per cent in white cement and 2 per cent in grey cement. The aggregate WPI for basic metals, alloys & metal products declined by 0.1 per cent during the month due to lower prices of silver, utensils (other than aluminium) and pig iron (3 per cent each), sheets (2 per cent) and steel castings, slab, furniture and metal containers (one per cent each). However, the prices of steel structures increased 6 per cent, lead 5 per cent, melting scrap 2 per cent and steel rods, pressure cooker, zinc and iron & steel wire one per cent each. The combined WPI for machinery & machine tools increased by 0.2 per cent during the month due to higher prices of fibre optic cable (9 per cent), electric switch gears and electric generators (2 per cent) and plastic machinery, boiler & accessories, engines, concrete vibrator & mixture, heating elements and rubber machinery (one per cent each). However, the prices of control equipments and ball/roller bearing eased by one per cent each. The total WPI for transport, equipment & parts was up by 0.8 per cent during the month due to 4 per cent price rise in bus / mini bus / truck

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