Mona Sharma Menon
Mona Sharma Menon
Mona Sharma Menon - Director at Marshalls
Mona Sharma Menon – Director at Marshalls

What have been some of the milestones of the brand in the last decade?
Holding the fort strong for over 40 years, Marshalls is a name that’s equivalent to success, efficiency and reliability. Virtuously treading along the road, we’ve had our share of accomplishments. Topping that list would be the introduction of Digital Signature Collections by Krsna Mehta & Payal Singhal. A landmark day for the company was the opening of our flagship showrooms in Worli, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai that are spread over 1000sq.ft. In our endeavors to provide good quality material and brisk installation of wallpapers, we are committed to improve the quality of our products. To increase the life of our wallcoverings, we have introduced edge protection profiles and import antifungal and antibacterial adhesive from the UK. Establishing a strong base all over India and constantly striving to serve our clients with the best wallcoverings is of utmost importance to our brand.

What are your values as a company leader? How do you ensure these values are upheld by employees?
We firmly believe in serving our customers to the best of our ability. The hallmark of our company has always been our commitment to serve and strong principles have helped us sustain in this industry for 4 long decades. We have built the organization on four pillars- Speed, Discipline, Goodness and Ethics. Speed is in the product & service we provide. Discipline is in the way we function. Goodness is what we deliver and Ethics is in our way of doing business.

Would you describe yourself as a risk taker? If yes, describe some of the risks you have taken as the Director and what were the results?
I feel, as the scale of business grew, we became more cautious and were very watchful as the careers of 300 people depended on us. Having said that, Entrepreneurs and Risks are like birds of the same feather, they are meant to flock together. Growth is important and unless you do something outside your comfort zone, you can’t prosper. The next step was franchising and inception of other two verticals of our brand – ‘Elite living’ that caters to furnishing brands and ‘Homez’ which takes care of complete home renovations. In addition to that, we also started the in-house manufacturing of Digital wall coverings, catalogs and the profiles of modular furniture.

What are your long -term goals, how do you plan to achieve them?
Our aim is to see – “Marshall on Every Wall”. A plan is in place as there is a lot of potential in our product and the future is very bright. Currently, we are looking to widen horizons, also looking for a strategic partner who will aid to propel our business to the next level.

What is your idea of luxury?
The freedom to do what we wish to do is a luxury to me. Most of the times we are expected to do tasks that are borne out of expectations, duties, compulsions and necessities. Regardless, I strongly feel that we all have one life and we must be able to do what we want without any inhibitions or regrets. That is my idea of true luxury.

How do you foresee your brand as well as the wallpaper industry 10 years down the line?
The wallpaper industry is at a very nascent stage but the silver lining is that it is adept with great potential and the future is very bright in India. With the evolution of design and technology in almost every possible field, wallpapers too evolved by leaps and bounds. It paved the way for opulent yet functionally sound designs.

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