Daniel Belnick,
Mr. Daniel Belnick, Director, Master Fireplaces

You are a renowned brand in Australia, what made you enter Indian market?

I recognised the opportunity that exists for fireplaces in the Indian market.  There are very few fireplace companies in India and certainly none with the variety and depth that Master Fireplaces has. Certainly the climate in the North and Hill stations of the South is conducive to our products and the need is there, I feel the market just hasn’t recognised it yet.

Do you think India is ready for fireplaces, with the kind of climate and demography?

Yes I spoke about this earlier. Also as some of our Electric and Ethanol fires are non- heating or are gentle heating, climate is not always the issue.  Demographics are changing rapidly in India and certainly our fireplaces are affordable, given the value that is added to a home.  Once Indians realise how beautiful a fireplace is, what it can bring to a space, to lifestyle then fireplaces will become more popular.

How is the response, you received from Indian market?

Architects and the general public at trade shows have been wowed by our fires. Fire has a natural attraction and also there is Vastu and our primordial relation to fire which we as humans have. Our website talks about this in depth.

What is the kind of architectural changes one need to incorporate, while making fireplaces?

Certainly it’s best to plan and install a fireplace at the time of construction; however all our fires from flued to flue less are easy enough to retro fit into an existing house. Generally there are no special structural changes that are needed.  Running flue pipes through RCC roofs or any other roof for that matter is not an issue and are quite easily done with a simple core cut and flashing.

What is the fastest selling fireplace model in India?

The ventless ethanol and electric fires are currently popular for obvious reasons ,  however one can’t beat the ambience and heat of a real wood fire and as Master Fireplaces revolutionise the way we build and view open wood fireplaces here in India ( just as we did in Australia ) these will become very popular.

What a consumer should keep in mind, while going for fireplace?

Generally positioning is the first consideration. A fireplace is always the heart of the home. It has traditionally been the sacred space of a home and that take place in the living / dining area. This is the first choice in my opinion for location. The other considerations are size of area to heat, how best to use a fireplace in conjunction with other heating sources. There is then the choice of fuel, wood, gas, coal and so on. Do I want an outdoor or indoor fireplace?  In the Australian market the fireplace retailer is a specialist as there are a multitude of options and choices. Our aim at Master Fireplaces is to promote this concept of fireplace specialists throughout strategic areas in India.

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