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Devendra Shukla_Civil Engineering_ProjectsMonitorDr. Devendra K. Shukla, alumni of IIT Kanpur (Civil) and founder of Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc., began his professional career in 1973 at a global geotechnical and environmental firm. Prior to founding and leading ITSI, Dr. Shukla had successfully built significant business units, either completely or almost completely from nothing, on at least three different occasions.

He managed geotechnical and environmental projects at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, an internationally recognised nuclear waste storage facility in the salt mines of New Mexico. Under his leadership, his unit grew tenfold in one year and was one of the most profitable companies. In 1986, he became General Manager of a number of hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities. From 1987 to 1994, he invested all of his resources in an environmental business, alongside two partners.

As the company’s Senior Vice President, Dr. Shukla built, from scratch, one of the strongest environmental businesses in the northwestern region of United States. During his career he had an opportunity to work on a number of cutting-edge technical problems, including probabilistic seismic assessments, nuclear power plants, mines, tunnels, and nuclear and hazardous waste disposal facilities.

ITSI became a “go to” global contractor for providing environmental and design-build infrastructure services. The company has achieved an average compounded annual growth rate of over 50 per cent. This 26-office global firm is performing turn key projects in the Middle East, Korea, Japan, Diego Garcia, Hawaii and Europe and throughout United States. With its large and diverse contract capacity backlog, unmatched technical expertise, worldwide presence and excellent customer reputation, ITSI has a solid base for future growth. Current new drives include the renewable energy and power transmission markets.

Dr. Shukla had a humble beginning in Kanpur and Lucknow. Receiving his B.Tech. in Civil Engineering in 1967, he went on to finish his Ph.D. in civil engineering from the University of Delaware, USA, in 1974.

The Distinguished Alumnus Award (DAA) committee at IIT Kanpur awarded Dr. Devendra K. Shukla for the 2008-2009 DAA in recognition of his outstanding entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

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