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Dr. Anil Anwikar_ProjectsMonitorDr. Ing. Anil Anwikar is the Founder & Managing Director of Anwikar Consultants GmbH. The consultancy firm was founded in Germany in 1992 and has since then designed and supervised over 300 outstanding structures of varied nature ranging from long span bridges, movable bridges, ferry bridges, hydro-mechanical structures to cranes & Industrial structures.

It has contributed towards further development of tied arch bridges with variable hanger inclinations. One of the biggest project awards recently won by Anwikar Consultants in an open competition in Germany is for the feasibility study, complete planning and structural design of a most modern steel bridge over NOK (canal connecting Baltic sea & North sea, which permits passages of Panama size ships).

Prior to founding the company, Dr. Anwikar worked in Germany with a steel fabrication company from 1973 for about 19 years. During 1987-92 he was invited as guest Professor at College of Civil Engineering in Wuerzburg. He was a Government authorised Structural Engineer in Germany for proof checking designs. Dr. Anwikar has designed both concrete and steel bridges, which is a rare mix of expertise. He was also a Chief Resident Engineer for local ‘Autobahn Authorities’ for various steel and concrete constructions for a stretch of 45 km of the famous ‘German Autobahn No. A3’. He retired at the age of 68 years in 2010.

After completing his B.Tech. in civil engineering from IIT Bombay in the year 1963, Dr. Anwikar was selected for a scholarship for pursuing a Doctorate in Structural Engineering (Prestressed Concrete) in Germany. For him, IIT Bombay campus was an ideal and beautiful place to learn in a peaceful environment. “Professors at IIT Bombay taught us with utmost devotion. Since all students lived in hostels on campus, we had a very close-knit student community. There was a tremendous scope for enhancing subject knowledge and it served as a strong foundation in my later years as an engineer,” he informed.

Besides Germany, Dr. Anwikar has done some remarkable work in India as well. He was appointed as Proof Consultant by Indian Railways for proof checking of Bogibil (Assam) composite Rail cum Road bridge over the mighty Brahmaputra river (for two parallel Railway tracks, and a two lane highway on the deck-4.3 km long for rail & road traffic). The bridge has a unique design and construction method, which was adopted for the second time in the world, for a bridge of such a long length. Dr. Anwikar also had the opportunity to develop concepts for bridges for Western Freeway Sea Link Highway in Mumbai. He came up with an aesthetically appealing concept that blended the culture, tradition and faith of our country with modern engineering.

Dr. Anwikar proposed the Lotus Bridge in the shape of Lotus flower for the stretch across Marine Drive, which would have looked beautiful against the backdrop of a setting sun. His proposal was adjudged as the best by Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation and the project is still under consideration.

In his younger days, Dr Anwikar enjoyed playing tennis with his family and friends. Indian tradition and culture are very close to his heart and he strongly believes that the lessons learned at home and schools serve him even today.

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