Accent your home entrance with Orientbell Tiles’ Elevation Range to give your house a modern yet classic finish!

New Delhi, October ‘21:  Orientbell Tiles brings to you an easy to install and low maintenance option for the final touch to your new home – the HDP Elevation range. Their newest range of tiles brings over 50 design options in the Elevation range for home owners to choose from. Playing with colours and textures, here are 4 ways you can include Elevation tiles to uplift the whole look of your dream space.

  1. Utilising Elevation Tiles as feature walls:

Adorn one wall of your room with a neat brick and rock finish in complete white color to add to the modern look of the house. Alternatively, you can use the tone-on-tone colouring technique which combines different saturation levels of the same colour. The range is available in two sizes (300×600 and 300×450 mm) for a seamless look to your walls.

  1. Livening up the lobby space in your homes:

Textured surfaces form a stunning design feature and are a great way to add depth to your interior décor. Liven up your lobby/ entrance area by opting for aesthetically pleasing 3D block designs. 

  1. Cosying up the walls of your bedrooms

When it comes to interiors, it’s not just the outside walls that can be adorned, Elevation tiles in your bedroom sure help to create a rustic look. While these work well with neutral or sober coloured bedrooms, don’t be afraid to pair up the black and white combo options to spruce up your interiors.

4. Using Elevation range to change the look of outer walls

Show your signature style on your outdoors with an eclectic mix of beautiful designs of bricks, bamboo, stones and wooden patterns to make an outstanding first impression! These tiles are manufactured with high depth punches (HD-P) which impart the appearance of real stones and woods. The designs made on a high strength body have wide grooves as well to keep maintenance and cleaning easy.

5. Adding themes to Commercial Spaces

The geometric designs offer the flexibility of getting a different look each time just by laying the same tile in different ways, thus imparting a unique theme to spaces around swimming pools and fountains in hotels even with the same tile design.

“We have emphasised on providing consumers with an eclectic range of Elevation Tiles, to help create a perfect vision for their house with natural looking designs of woods, stones, bricks and bamboo. Our new collection brings an abundance of options to choose from for every wall to make an outstanding first impression!.” Mr. Sumit Thapar, Category Head, Orientbell Tiles.

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