Holding up the celestial heavens for eternity

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A statement piece that alleviates the comprehensive vibe of an expanse, this console and chair merges the imperial and utility facet splendidly. Being a delightfully versatile entity and christened ATLAS, by Maison Du Luxe is aesthetically pleasing.

Built with enamor in ‘Statuario’ marble it is crafted with perfection and boasts of being one of the most precious varieties found in Italy. It has a distinctive veining that ranges from gold to gray. While designing this unique piece of art, the methodology has been kept minimal and special focus has been rendered to the geometric alignment of the console. Deriving inspiration from Atlas, the Greek god who bears the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, the console is an inverted version of it. The chair is bestowed with a metal finish called bronzo chiaro which adds to the elegance of the whole set up. Some crucial factors like solid back support and durability of both the chair and the console have been carefully contemplated and assimilated. A simplistic yet contemporary console, it personifies exuberance and alleviates the overall aura of the space. Embodying extreme comfort, supreme ergonomics and the zenith of appearance, Atlas is a brilliantly crafted console combined with a chair which raises the bar very high in terms of versatility and sophistication.

Dimensions: 4.5’*12” * 3.5’
Material: Statuario marble
Finish: Metal Finish Bronzo Chiaro
Price: On Request

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