Credai India

CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India) has partnered with AEEE (Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy) to promote the development of Net-zero buildings in India. This partnership aims to share knowledge and build capacity among industry stakeholders to achieve sustainability goals.

The collaboration focuses on the exchange of expertise and the implementation of best practices, leveraging the strengths and resources of both organizations. The objective is to create initiatives and strategies that improve energy efficiency, climate resilience, and sustainability within the Indian building and construction sector.

A key element of the CREDAI-AEEE partnership is the Solar Decathlon India (SDI), the world’s largest Net Zero Building Challenge for students from Indian institutions, primarily organized by AEEE. SDI aims to equip students with the skills needed to design net-zero energy-water, affordable, healthy, and resilient building solutions for real projects. Students will work closely with CREDAI’s member developers to adopt sustainable methods comprehensively. CREDAI will support student teams in developing industry-ready solutions for various building types, aided by self-learning modules and expert mentorship.

This partnership will create opportunities for the next generation of developers and leaders in the construction industry by providing access to Net Zero design solutions proposed by students. CREDAI will offer mentorship and guidance to SDI student teams through its experts and will act as an outreach affiliate of SDI. Furthermore, to power green initiatives in the country, CREDAI has committed to certifying 1 lakh homes and 25 million square feet of commercial real estate with green building certifications annually. The organization has also launched several initiatives to encourage its members to adopt new technologies and sustainable materials in their projects.

Boman Irani, National President of CREDAI, stated, “We are at a critical juncture characterized by climate change and the need for the real estate industry to shift towards more sustainable construction and energy consumption methods. CREDAI’s collaboration with AEEE is a significant step in fostering a strong culture of sustainable development as we aim to build net-zero buildings across India, aligning with our broader goal of making the real estate industry net zero by 2050.”

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