Opus Indigo launches Arise Flexi sit/stand converterOpus Indigo Arise Flexi

An ergonomic device to convert an ordinary table into a sit/stand table for laptop and desktop computers. It has two shelves, one for the keyboard and mouse and the other for the display- laptop or monitor. This creates an ergonomic setup for the laptop and promotes a proper sitting posture for the user. The whole assembly can be raised up easily (no electricity, no cranking, only gas lift) for working while standing. This is the only available sit/stand desk convertor that makes it possible to get the keyboard shelf to a level lower than the table top. When not in use, the keyboard shelf can be folded up and used for paper work. It helps people stay away from backaches and neck pains of the lockdown and prevent serious illness like diabetes, hypertension and even cancer. It works well with Opus Aktiv Chair


For webinars, it elevates the web camera to the correct level and has space for external speakers.


Keyboard Shelf:                Height – -60 to +300 mm from table top, Width – 650 mm, Depth – 230 mm

                                                Material: Laminated HDF

Laptop table top:              Size:  height 125 to 450 above table top, 445 mm width, 325depth

                                                Material: Laminated HDF

Legs                       :               Painted HDF

Base                       :               Size; 585 width x 436 depth

                                                Material: Painted HDF

Hydraulic lift       :               Works well for up to 6 kg of weight of computers and accessories.

Website – https://www.opusindigo.com/

Price – Rs.9500 including taxes

About Opus Indigo – Opus Indigo’s mission is to bring about a change in the way the modern office sees furniture. Having understood the correlation between the work environment, the individual, health and productivity, to accomplish this vision, Opus Indigo has engaged with leading industrial engineers, architects, designers, orthopaedists, exercise physiologists, and environmental engineers to come up with exceptional value-for-money furniture designs. Hundreds of Opus Indigo’s furniture pieces have been installed in the industry and tested.

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