Smart Bathrooms – The future of Bathware Industry! By – Mr. Vinay Jain, Founder and CEO, GrafdoerSmart sanitary ware and bath ware products have become an essential lifestyle statement for people. As a result, the bathroom fixtures have evolved significantly in the last few years. Change in taste and preferences of Indian consumers and escalation of their interest in luxury bathing has increased the demand for smart bathrooms. An increase in the purchasing power of people also plays a pivotal role in the increased demand for a stylish bathroom. It is the bathroom of the future, and it permits us to customize every aspect of our bathing experience. The prime focus is to enhance the appearance of the bathrooms and make them more comforting and hygienic.

Smart bathrooms are standard bathrooms fitted with modern age technology-driven utilities. The birth of an intelligent bathroom can be credited to Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and the latest technologies. Smart bathrooms make our lives convenient by saving time and efforts, and this is one of the most significant reasons for its growth and popularity.

The smart bathroom market includes products such as sensor faucets, touchless soap dispensers, automatic cistern systems, quick showers, automatic hand dryers, intelligent toilets, etc. There has been a shift from the standard bathroom accessories to sensor-enabled bathroom accessories, making bathrooms hygienic and hassle-free. In the future, the smart bathroom market is expected to witness significant growth among the non-residential and residential consumers as people have become conscious of their health and hygiene. The increased awareness regarding health, sanitation, and water and energy preservation amongst the people is expected to be the catalyst for the growth of the global smart bathroom industry in the coming years.

According to MARKET RESEARCH FUTURE, “The Global Smart Bathroom Market is expected to register a 10.74% CAGR, witnessing substantial growth during the forecast period. The market was valued at USD 5.92 billion in 2017; it is expected to reach USD 10.93 billion by 2023. Europe accounted for the most considerable market value of USD 2.42 billion in 2017; however, Asia-Pacific is expected to register a CAGR of 12.13% during the forecast period”.

One of the significant elements of a smart bathroom is digital faucets. Their use is increasing day by day. They bare the advantage of making our lives easier, enhancing hygiene, and conserving water. Its ability to detect the thermal heat of hands through sensors and water flow regulation helps in water conservation and attracts the audience. Water wastage is reduced by 70 per cent due to the smart design.

Since there is no need to touch any knob or metal surface, the spread of bacteria, germs, and viruses can be prevented by incorporating this technology. They improve hygiene while making our bathrooms alluring. Moreover, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, automatic faucets have gained immense popularity, and their use is increasing.

Touchless faucets come with an excellent recommendation. They are even useful for disabled people, kids, and people with joint pains since there is no need to touch and apply any pressure to open the taps. They are incredibly user-friendly!

A Smart toilet is one of the most comforting elements of a smart bathroom. The temperature of the water in the jets is controllable, so that icy cold water is not blasted. It is also equipped with an automatic dryer so that we are ready to get back to our strenuous lives after a hands-free and comfortable experience. They are often smaller than traditional ones and save space. The right amount of water is used while flushing, which lowers water consumption. Thus, it is a small step towards addressing the ongoing water crisis. Smart toilets help the disabled and elderly in taking care of their hygiene.

No one likes sitting on icy cold seats. Smart toilets come to our rescue in such situations since they have seat warmers that offer exceptional comfort. The lid opens and closes automatically, giving us a complete touch-free experience. Their self-cleaning ability tackles the problem of germs and enhances hygiene.

Voice control is a very intriguing element of smart bathrooms. It offers us the opportunity to adjust the lighting and create the appropriate vibe by using our voice control. Searching for music while taking a bath is a great challenge, and we often end up wetting our phones. But now all this can be quickly done with our voice. Showers and flushes can work with voice commands. We can even listen to news or podcasts in the bathroom with the help of voice control. It is a real example of luxury and comfort. It also makes the life of disabled people more comfortable.

Smart showers are also trendy amongst the people. Stylish showers have LEDs to show the temperature of the water at a given point in time. The rain starts and stops on command. With a smart shower, we can customize our bathing experience by feed our unique combination of water flow, temperature, and duration of our shower into the device, making our experience more enriching and rejuvenating.

This technology will give a unique and plush look to our bathroom. Moreover, these showers optimize the water that is poured over us. The sustainable approach of these showers is the need of the hour to save the future water crisis. So, while showering, not only are we seeking solace but also playing our part in water conservation.

The smart mirror offers a majestic experience, and it can be easily termed as the “modern-day Snow white mirror”. It is equipped with demisters that do not let the mirror fog up, so there is no need to use our hands to get rid of the condensation and spoil our good mood after bathing. Various models possess an audio facility and let us stay connected with built-in Bluetooth.

Smart mirrors are two-way mirrors and possess an inbuilt display behind the glass. The display can show whatever we want to see on the mirror’s surface such as time, weather forecast, a news feed, photos, social media feed, calendar, etc. They help in saving time and effort because we can easily read the news while brushing without opening any newspaper or app. They provide an actual fairy tale experience and make our bathrooms enchanting.

Another feature of smart bathrooms that is expected to somewhat contribute to the growth of the global market of intelligent bathrooms is intelligent windows. Bright windows are installed in bathrooms to regulate the heat inflow and outflow to maintain an adequate temperature in the bathroom. With the latest technology, it might be possible to fix a specific temperature for our bath and feed it in the smart window so that it can regulate heat inflow and outflow accordingly. Scientists are still researching this technology, and this can be the innovation in the bath ware industry in the near future.

The Bathroom has become an essential room in a house because it offers the opportunity to relax and renew our zeal, but the smart bathroom has taken this experience to the next level. Smart bathrooms let us pamper ourselves. They promise a dreamy, comfortable, and luxurious experience. Bathware companies are working very hard to incorporate the latest technologies and innovative ideas in bathroom utilities to make our experience more comfortable. They are also trying to make, all these smart utilities available at lower prices, so that all types of consumers can reap their benefit. India has also adopted the concept of the intelligent bathroom, but currently, it is only limited to a small segment of people. In the future, smart showers are expected to replace a significant chunk of conventional bathrooms due to hygiene factors, water preservation abilities, and exceptional services. In the coming years, the size of the smart bathroom industry is expected to grow monumentally and improve the health of people.


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