• India’s largest student housing company launches 10,000 beds for working professionals across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Coimbatore
  • The company currently has a consolidated inventory of 55,000 beds pan-India for students and working professionals

Hyderabad, March 4, 2020 Stanza Living, India’s largest student housing company, has expanded its value proposition by launching customized living spaces for working professionals. Starting with a combined 10,000 beds capacity across Hyderabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Pune, this will be a separate business line designed around the lifestyle needs of working professionals. At the same time, the company will continue deepening the foothold of its flagship student housing business in new and existing markets.

  • Launched 10,000 beds for working professionals across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Coimbatore
  • To grow working professionals business into 3 more cities by next quarter
  • Committed investment for working professionals category: 150 Cr
  • Currently, consolidated inventory of 55,000 beds pan-India for students and working professionals

Shared living sector in India has largely been fragmented and unorganized, suffering from infrastructure and service quality gaps like – ill maintained and cramped buildings, poor quality food, lack of access to daily facilities and more. Stanza Living was conceptualized to reimagine this experience with its end-to-end managed, service-focused, technology-enabled living and accommodation solutions designed to suit the lifestyle needs of the new-age migrant consumer. Consumers can access a host of high-quality living solutions including vibrant, adaptively-designed residence spaces, chef-curated meals, WiFi, laundry service, housekeeping and round the clock security for hassle-free living.
Stanza Living’s solutions for working professionals have been developed after 10 months of research and planning, which also included interviews with 3,000 graduating students, entry-level working professionals, and property owners. The insights gathered on their lifestyle requirements have been used to create a customized shared living space for migrant working professionals.
Speaking on its new business category, Anindya Dutta, MD and Co-founder, Stanza Living, said, “After building the biggest student living company in the country, successfully catering to 10 cities, we feel this is the appropriate time to foray into the working professional category. Since Hyderabad is home to thousands of migrant professionals, especially in the IT sector, the city has emerged as one of our key markets in this category. Post our launch in Hyderabad, we will continue to expand this category aggressively across the country and strengthen our position as India’s largest shared living operator.”
Sandeep Dalmia, MD and Co-founder, Stanza Living said “Our foray into the working professionals category follows the journey of our student consumers. As they graduate and become potential migrant working professionals, we want to continue delivering an aspirational lifestyle solution adaptable to their evolving needs, wherever they migrate. We are excited to launch our holistic value proposition with 10,000 beds addressing the discerning needs of the diverse migrant working population.”
There is a sizable population in the state, dependent on private rental housing facilities. Stanza Living is geared to serving the lifestyle needs for this vast new-age consumer base through its dedicated solutions for each category of residents.

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