Orientbell Tiles as a brand is celebrating women with their #QueensofChoice campaign, who are not only decisive about their choices but are also pioneers in bringing about change in the most subtle of manners too.

For transition to happen, it is essential to move beyond the status quo, OBL Tiles recently conducted a survey with 25 to 45 year old people across genders and generations to decode who actually decides – men or women, be it in terms of house affairs or matters like cars, condoms and tiles. The brand is making excellent strides towards initiating conversations about how the scenario of change is happening not only in cosmopolitan cities but small developing towns too.

The survey had some interesting findings, which included the gradual but significant shift in mindsets related to the Indian homes and their day to day functioning. Men, who had previously been accorded the more outgoing role of choosing for cars and condoms, are now also, investing their time in decisions in planning for the house.

OBL Tiles want to encourage the essence of Women who are stepping to the forefront and actively taking part in decisions that matter!

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