Bye-bye Back aches. Hello Laptop Support! Support your device, Support your health with Opus Indigo AriseGo

Bye-bye Back aches. Hello Laptop Support! Support your device, Support your health with Opus Indigo AriseGoIn this digitally transforming world, almost everything is juxtaposing from manual world to digital world or from the era of hard copy to soft copy.  has created the situation tenser; we are working 24x 7 on screens, sometimes we skip meals and sometimes regular exercise. In between this busy digital schedule, we skip taking care of our own body which should not be done. Yes, we are ignoring our health; as we all know that Health is Wealth, to maintain wealth we have to take care of our health as well. This mild skip can lead to many health issues including your posture.

“Good posture and an attitude let you get away with anything.” – Lorna Landvik.

A good posture is important and it becomes essential when it comes to busy work schedules. To help you in maintaining correct posture and to prevent back and neck pain Opus Indigo has launched AriseGo portable ergonomic support for laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and books. This product provides instant improvement in the user’s posture. It is not only suitable for laptops (external keyboard and mouse recommended), tablets, but also for our essential device for survival mobile phones (external phone grip required). It is specially designed for people on the go who can carry it easily to their workplace. This product is advantageous over others not only in terms of portability but also its light-weight adds to its usability. We know time is precious and we value our customer’s time as gold, this device is socompact that it can be assembled in less than 30 seconds. You don’t need to worry about purchasing another backpack for this. This product comes with its own stylish and handy case to ensure healthy and fit life for our consumers as well as for Mother Earth.

As Thomas Sigsgaard quoted,The most sustainable way is to not make things. The second most sustainable way is to make something very useful, to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved.”

Opus Indigo AriseGo has maintained sustainability and environment friendly lacquer has been used in this product. It is made of reusable and recyclable materials, with zero plastics, which makes it a double green product as it protects the environment and prevents you from backache and several spinal deformities. At Opus Indigo AriseGo we work to ensure consumers activeness and healthy. Be Active Work Better!

Price – INR 750 including taxes (Also, available on Amazon and Flipkart)

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