The recent rally of Narendra Modi in Mumbai has not only been able to draw huge crowds but has also made a section of people proud of their profession, that is, chaiwallas. Enthused by the attention they are getting, chaiwallas have decided to form an association of all those vendors engaged in this noble profession, to make their profession more popular and respectable. Also, they have decided to make a list of demands which they plan to press home once a favourable regime comes to power at the Centre after the next general elections. Their demands are:

  • Tea making should be accorded industry status and they should be provided with bank interest at lower rates.
  • Hafthas payable to men in uniform, municipal employees and local goons should not exceed 5 per cent of the cost and the same should be made recoverable from the customers.
  • Foreign direct investment in tea making industry should be banned with immediate effect and steps should be taken to close down Barista and Starbucks with immediate effect.
  • Profession should be popularised. Soon IIM (Ahmedabad) and Harvard University students should be invited to do a study on this profession. A chapter should be included in their curriculum highlighting the success stories of chaiwallas.
  • Also, efforts should be made to approach the royal family of Britain seeking an audience for the delegation of chaiwallas much on the similar lines as dabbawalas’ representation which took place a few years ago.
  • Intellectual property rights should be registered in the name of the association for nukkad tea, masala tea etc.
  • The association representatives should be consulted regarding matters affecting their profession in every pre-budget meeting with the finance minister.

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