Beni Prasad Verma, Union Minister for Steel, must be the happiest man as onion prices are going through the roof. Not because he enjoys seeing tears in the eyes of homemakers without cutting onions but believes that higher onion prices means higher return for farmers. But some people are complaining about foreign hand in rising onion prices too!

Our Food Minister said, “There is nothing to worry about onion prices. A few months ago it used to cost a shade less than a dollar and now slightly more than a dollar.”

According to Sharad Pawar, Agriculture Minister, farmers have to be blamed for rise in the price of onions. “Farmers used tanker water for growing onions,” said the Agriculture Minister.

“Had they used water from dams which were overflowing, thanks to his nephew, Ajit Pawar (you know how he filled it up), prices of onions would not have gone up so much.”

Ostensibly, Raj Babbar has changed his popular statement slightly – now a full course meal for Rs.12 (without onions) and a full course meal with onions for Rs.60!

Pakistan is in an enviable position. When onion prices are down they send terrorists to bring tears in our eyes. When their prices are touching the roof they export onions to India. Either way they become the cause of our tears!

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