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The Jaipur Development Authority’s two proposed railway over bridge projects to be build at Khirni Pathak and Durgapura elevated road to hit roadblocks.

The Khirni Pathak railway over bridge project has been stalled due to railway safety clearance and shifting of a temple at the project site. JDA is seeking advice from the empowered committee constituted by the Supreme Court to shift the temple to nearby park on the demand of locals. Recently, the Supreme Court has banned construction of any religious structure in facility area such as park and road among others.

JDA_ProjectsMonitorThe much-delayed project, Durgapura elevated road, has hit the roadblock as the company which was awarded the contract could not continue with digging in a small section as the Bisalpur pipeline is laid beneath the surface. The JDA has written a letter to the PHED to shift the line. The Rs.104-crore Durgapura elevated road project was to be completed in 18 months since its commencement in 2008. The work was interrupted due to a revised plan due to the metro rail project.

Meanwhile, following the high court orders, the Authority starts a survey to ban a construction in the low lying area. The civic bodies have maintained the width of Nullah up to 210 feet in JDA region and 106 feet in JMC region. Now, the Authority is conducting a survey of the low-lying area.

The Authority has also floated a proposal to beautify and develop the 42-km long Amanishah Nullah on similar grounds to that of Sabarmati riverfront project in Gujarat. Wepcos, the consultant has recently submitted the interim report of the beatification project.

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