Longest bridge on Narmada river to be completed by June 2024

Longest bridge on Narmada river to be completed by June 2024The longest bridge on Narmada river, a part of Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail Corridor, is expected to completed by June 2024.

The 1.2 km long bridge over the Narmada river in Bharuch, Gujarat would be the longest bridge on the 508 km long Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Corridor.

All the 20 bridges, which are under-construction on various rivers in Gujarat will be completed by June 2024.

The bridges to be constructed under the MAHSR project will cross over rivers such as Narmada, Sabarmati, Kaveri, Mahi, Par, Purna Ambika, Daroatha, Kolak, Mindhola, Daman Ganga, Anuraga, Vishwamitri, Kharera, Kim, Dhadhar, Tapi, Vatrak, Mohar and Meshwa.

The longest bridge for this project will be on the Narmada river followed by the Tapi and Mahi rivers which will be of nearly 720 mtr.

For the construction of wells inside the Narmada stream, two temporary access bridge of eight mtr width are being developed in two parts with 60 mtr gap between them for allowing navigation.

Moreover, the trial run on the Bullet Train corridor’s Gujarat section will begin in 2026 and the train services for the public will commence by 2027.

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