The recent incident of not allowing an Indian visitor wearing a dhoti from getting on the Dubai Metro has infuriated many Keralites. So they gathered in Kerala to express their protest against the incident.

One of the Gulf returned Keralites said, “We should not allow Arabs entering India wearing white maxi with a tyre on their head!” Of course, he was referring to Thawb, the traditional dress of the Arabs.

“We should take up the issue with our FM, Chidambaram,” said another as the Finance Minister is always seen wearing a white dhoti and a shirt. “But he wears Western clothes while going abroad,” said yet another. “Anthony would be a better choice,” suggested another. “But he will be too busy in dealing with Italy, Pakistan and China,” came a voice from the corner. Probably, he was referring to the recent controversies involving the defence ministry.

They finally decided to take a morcha but were not able to arrive at the venue – whether the morcha should be taken in Delhi or Dubai? Some suggested it is easier to get tickets to Dubai than Delhi. So the morcha should be taken in Dubai. Also, in Delhi so many morchas take place daily and this morcha may not gain much publicity. So it was decided to go on a dhoti morcha to maintain the dignity of our traditional dress.

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