Orientbell Tiles files patent for Anti – Static Conductive tiles: That Ground static charge 24/7

Orientbell Tiles files patent for Anti – Static Conductive tiles: That Ground static charge 24/7 New Delhi, March 2021: Orientbell Tiles – a reputed name amongst the tile manufacturers has filed a patent for Anti- Static conductive tiles. These tiles conduct any static electricity generated to the ground preventing potentially dangerous electric sparks.

Electric charges build up when any two surfaces, like shoes and floor or clothes and body, rub against each other. These tiles dissipate and conduct the charges away from the point of generation grounding them.

Anti-Static conductive tiles are used not only at data centres, but also at petrochemical factories, MRI rooms, Operation Theatres, explosive factories or any other factory where an electric spark can trigger harm. These tiles prevent minor shocks, avoid malfunctioning of sensitive semi-conductor based electronic equipment and safeguard the loss of data. Furthermore, being vitrified tiles, these tiles are durable, long lasting, stain free and odour free unlike vinyl flooring solutions.

Anti-Static tiles of Orient Bell have a surface electrical resistivity in the range of 10^4 to 10^6 ohm/square. With the help of a copper connecting wire and conductive grouting between the edges, the electrostatic charges are grounded to the earth.

Orientbell Anti – static conductive tiles (www.orientbell.com/tiles/anti-static-tiles) uniquely comes with:

  1. 2 colors enabling many vibrant design options: The two colours enable demarcation & directions in the data centre, operation theatres, and chemical plants, etc.
  2. Satin finish: attracting lesser dust, making cleaning easier & a better performance across the life cycle.
  3. Certification from the reputed, IISc Bangalore.

The company has filed a patent for this unique product.

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