Enjoy that peaceful sleep with FreshUp’s New Memory Foam Pillow

Enjoy that peaceful sleep with FreshUp’s New Memory Foam Pillow

Fresh Up Mattress aims at providing quality mattresses at affordable prices that gives you tranquil sleep. Some people will spend up to one third of their lives asleep. One of the most significant reasons that can make or break your sleep is nothing else but your uncomfortable pillow. A pillow that doesn’t support your head and neck properly can create tension in your neck muscles, and cause neck pain. Not only this but an uncomfortable pillow can lead you to sleepless nights and can disturb your work life and personal life as well.

If you do not choose the right kind of pillow it could cause muscle strain followed by permanent shoulder ache. So, if you’re someone who had been scouting for the right kind of pillow, your search ends here.

Freshup has solved this issue by introducing the memory-foam pillow which allows your head to be cradled at night, which leads to a neutral spine and neck. The memory foam pillows are 100% breathable due to open cell structure of memory foam and the uniquely designed aerimesh fabric which makes it more comfortable for the consumers. This could be your go-to option if you face chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain or any orthopedic pain. Basically, they have heat reactive cushioning inbuilt. Not only this, it can be reversed and used from both the sides, and the outer zipper cover can be removed and hand washed. It’s anytime better than the traditional pillows that we have been using since ages .Why because, it adapts to the shape of your head and shoulders, which makes it better than the traditional ones. In fact, it doesn’t push your head upwards while sleeping, which makes it more comfortable with your sleeping style and position.

To conclude, memory foam contours in response to heat and pressure. And then the material provides an extended supportive, with pressure-relieving cradle that makes it very ideal for use in pillows. Hence, this new add-on is best for neck pain and orthopedic purpose when compared to the traditional ones.

Price – Starting at INR 1,716 including taxes

Website – https://www.freshupmattresses.com/memory-foam-pillow.html

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